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Auschwitz Birkenau & Salt Mine Tour


Distance: 68 km to Auschwitz than 80 km to Salt mine and 16 back to Krakow.

The most people decide to do this tour because it saves time and money and gives you a chance to spend more time in Krakow or simply do another tour. We usually pick visitors up at 8 30 am and before 10 we are already in the Auschwitz Camp, It takes around 2 hours to see everything here and then we drive to Birkenau which is 5 min driving from Auschwitz. After spending around 1,5 hours here the journey to Wieliczka the Salt mine begins. The salt mine tour lasts for two hours and usually around 1715 we are heading back to Hotel. It Takes 25 min to drive back therefore 1740 is the time when you are back and still - You have a lot of time to spend for example on the main market square. We can even drop you there directly after the tour - for free of course.

cena: From 85 zł


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